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Fouad Sélim Matouk

The Christian Arab Fouad Sélim Matouk (1902-1978) was born in Damascus. He fled to Egypt because of anti-Christian persecution where he did business in the beverage market. His hobby-collection of scarabs is the third largest of its kind, surpassed only by the collections in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and the British Museum in London. In 1960, after his business was nationalized under Nasser, Matouk emigrated to Lebanon. When the Lebanese civil war broke out in 1976, he moved his collection to Switzerland, where thanks to the financial support of the Swiss Federation most of it was given to the University of Fribourg where it is being looked after and expanded by Othmar Keel.

Collection F.S. Matouk

The collection consists of 6668 Egyptian seal amulets, 6169 of them have engraved bases, mainly scarabs, but also 100 early design amulets. The rest consists of unengraved scarabs and scaraboids, as well as beetle amulets. Furthermore, the collection consists of 1852 ancient Egyptian amulets and miniature bronzes. Matouk didn't compose his collection from an aesthetical point of view, but rather from the scientifically more interesting point of view of typological development of form and decoration.