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Rudolph Schmidt

The R. Schmidt Collection contains 253 cylinder seals, 84 stamp seal amulets and 4 cuneiform tablets with seal impressions. The collection of cylinder seals belongs to the ten most important of its kind in Europe. It is being looked after and expanded by Christoph Uehlinger, with a particular focus on Old Testament history.

Rudolph Schmidt (†1970), an Industrialist from Solothurn, collected more than 300 Southwestern Asian cylinder and stamp seals.


Elie BorowskiThe driving force behind Schmidt's collection was Elie Borowski (*1913), the later well known antique dealer and founder of the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem. He came to Switzerland as a Jewish refugee from Poland in 1940, got his PhD on Southwestern Asian stamp and cylinder seals of Swiss collections and was active as a collector for Rudolph Schmidt.


Schmidt's sister and heir, Mrs. Erika Peters-Schmidt (1899-1988), gave her brother's collection to the University of Fribourg. The donation certificate from May 17th 1981, signed by the donator, the rector Prof. Bernhard Schnyder and Prof. Othmar Keel, ties the donation to the following conditions:

  • The collection must remain together as a unity.
  • The collection is to be securely stored in a room designated especially for this purpose.
  • Scholars, students and the interested public are to be granted access at all times.
  • A specialized seal inventory must be accessible on site for study purposes.