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Othmar Keel

The visionary and unifying force behind the «BIBLE+ORIENT» Collections, which besides the expanded ex-collections of Kopp, Matouk and Schmidt also contain ceramics, tools, weapons, models and replica, is Othmar Keel (*1937), professor for Old Testament studies and the biblical world at the University of Fribourg from 1969-2002. Underlying this collection, which is unique in Europe, are the unceasing curiosity of his youth of wanting to understand the bible in the context of the ancient Near Eastern cultures, his struggle for the rights of images alongside the unchallenged right of the Word among theologians, as well as his various and longstanding contacts in Palestine/Israel. His own collection of stamp seal amulets from Palestine/Israel is probably the most representative of its kind world wide.

wettergott_verehrerThe storm god as victor over the summer drought (cf. Psalm 65:10-14) is emphatically celebrated by those who worship him. – Enstatite oval disc, carved on both sides; height 3.3 cm, Palestine/Israel; 1700-1550 BC; SK 1996.41.

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