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Online Database BODO
Technical Data


Our database-system uses the most popular of open source SQL-databases, MySQL on an Apache Server with the open source scripting language PHP running on the server. The PHP script for the database was created with AppGini a PHP database script generator. Additional functions were implemented in the AppGini PHP script by private PHP and JavaScript programming. Currently, the database contains 89 tables with 333 fields (cf. the database structure on the right) .


The MySQL database is being hosted on the web server of the University of Fribourg. The images are stored on a fileserver at the Department for Biblical Studies of the University of Fribourg. 
Browser compatibility
The database administration and the public database access BODO has been optimized for Firefox (Windows) and Safari 3 (Macintosh). 

Image sizes

All images are available in the following 4 sizes:
Thumbnail: 70 px max.
Database format : 200 px max.
PowerPoint format: 600 px height
Print resolution : 300 dpi (photographs), 600 dpi (Drawings)
Additional optional images widths are: 100 px, 200 px, 300 px, 400 px

Character set

The database uses a Unicode-compatible character set which can display all the possible characters.

Language support

The data entry forms can be supplied in any number of languages and thereby allow a multilingual use of the database.